About Us

DjayStudio is a Digital design company founded in Bamenda with headquarters in Douala, Cameroon. Its aim is to serve humanity by providing the best of digital services readily available and affordable to all.

They are constantly improving. Something that started as a hobby has today become a full-blown design and production company. It was founded by Fakembe Divine N, a software engineer who seeks to extend his horizon to other parts of Cameroon as well as Africa and the world.

As a brand that distinguishes itself in style and texture, DJAYSTUDIO makes her services available both online and offline, with a digitalized office. Some of her prestigious Services are:

  • Logo design (2-D, 3-D…)
  • Lyrics Video
  • Event Branding and designing
  • Eye-catching Flyers
  • Five Star Cover Arts
  • Magazine Design
  • Business card design
  • Birthday card
  • Marriage Card
  • Calendar Attestations design

and many more.

DJAYSTUDIO has been operational since 2016 and can boost 4+ years of experience with great achievements in Cameroon and the international creative market. They have handled design projects for some of the biggest names in the Cameroonian Entertainment industry like record labels like Akumba Music, 404 Music Studios, Power House Entertainment, etc, and artists like X Maleya, KO-C, Rinyu, Blaise B, Vernyuy Tina, MD Lyonga, Adele Clarice, Flosha, Snazzy Shikena amongst others. They are also part of the branding team of the prestigious BONTEH DIGITAL MEDIA AWARDS. At the international milieu, she has been a strong hand behind the successes of certain events such as MADE IN CAMEROON MUSIC FEST based in the United States.DjayStudio is simply one of the best and most affordable digital companies in Cameroon